Christmas lights at the Blue Gull Inn B&B

9 01 2013

Mom and Baby visit the B&B for Breakfast

18 09 2012

Beautiful Red Sunrise

18 09 2012

Thunder and Lighting in Port Townsend WA

13 07 2012

It is rare to see and hear lighting and thunder on the Olympic Peninsula. Not today, it has been going on since 3:45 this morning, I need a nap. As I look out the window at 2:30 pm, blue sky one direction and black the other. Lighting and thunder continues, just shook the windows with a clap of thunder. Off and on down pours of rain as well. Forcast says it will continue tonight. A low pressure stays in place at least for a while. Enjoy the light show!

Great classical music

12 07 2012

Olympic Music Festival

July 11th, 2012

The 29th season of the Olympic Music Festival is going on now! It hosts concerts Saturdays and Sundays at 2:00 p.m. and runs through September 2nd. It was voted “Best Classical Music Festival” by the readers of Seattle Weekly and I have heard wonderful reviews from those who have attended. The concerts are held in a repurposed barn that sits on 55 acres of what was a turn-of-the-century dairy farm. The property itself is worth seeing, but throw in artists who have performed all over the world and you can’t go wrong. Visit the Olympic Music Festival website to purchase tickets and get driving directions.

Bike to Port Townsend, WA

27 06 2012

Bicycling Port Townsend

Enjoy the sights!

Port Townsend was named a Silver Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. The award was given due to the commitment shown to improving conditions for bicyclists, as well as investment in bicycling promotion, educational programs and pro-bicycling policies. With the price of gas these days why not explore this beautiful town in an earth-friendly way?

There are many resources available including bike rentals, repairs, sales and routes to take.

Submarine in Port Townsend Bay

13 06 2012

Clock Tower in Jefferson County

7 06 2012

Clock Tower in Jefferson County

Great view from the clock tower at the Jefferson County Court House. This photo is looking southwest over Port Townsend Bay, Port Townsend Paper and the Olympic Mountains.

Cedar Waxwings visit Port Townsend, WA

7 06 2012

Cedar Waxwings visit Port Townsend, WA every spring but just for a couple of weeks. They fill up on holly berries before the head north. Beautiful birds, they remind me of a larger version of a cardinal. The have grey feathers with pretty yellow bellies and yellow on the tips of their feathers, they also have feather that form a top knot on their heads. Fun to see every year as they stop for a quick visit.

Tiny Hummingbird Bathing

7 06 2012

Our  fountain is on our back deck, just off the dining room at the Blue Gull Inn B&B in Port Townsend, WA. This pretty hummingbird has a bath almost every day, even in the winter time.